Heart Detonator here, at the service of all the zonerunners who need me.
[Name may change in the near future, suggestions welcome.]


Anonymous asked
((What things need to happen to Detonator?))

[Oh boy. My goal is to have her be a killjoy, so this is where we need to go:

  • Some ‘joy finds out that she’s in contact with BLind AND/OR a BLind official finds out she’s been getting cozy with some killjoys.
  • Either way, there’ll be a fight.
  • She’s going to be forced to detox from the pills, which should be interesting. She’ll need someone to hang around with, someone to force her off the pills.
  • A new gang to run with.

This is all just a vague plan, all up for discussion/plotting. But that’s the idea. Here, have a gif.]


I’m so sorry for vanishing on everyone like that. Real life needed me, and much as I meant to check in, I never really found time.

I’d like to get into RPing here, I really would. Would anyone like to RP with me? I have a few things that need to happen to Detonator to get her solidly into Killjoy territory, and I’d love some help.

Why did I make a character who lives on lies and loneliness?